Organic, Natural Houses

HONKA log homes are built using the best materials, experience and knowledge gained over the years. In Finland, population growth and tree felling is strictly controlled, so Honka log homes are an ecologically sustainable choice. A natural choice!

Although there are more than 100 different species of pine trees around the world, only one of them grows wild in the forests of Finland. It is a tenacious and hardy species that can grow almost anywhere.

The Finnish Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris) is a tree that can survive even the harshest conditions. It can withstand sudden frost, heat and cold, as well as nutrient deficiencies, although it does require a lot of light. How lucky that Finland is a land of polar sunshine!

Wood is a material loved by people for centuries

The original HONKA house provides a healthy interior microclimate based on natural materials, creates an allergy-neutral, acoustically friendly environment resulting in a cosy, energy-efficient, ecological house that protects and cares for its users.

Living in a HONKA house is like a daily “walk in the woods”, it reduces tension, stress, lowers blood pressure and regulates the heart rate, provides a relaxing atmosphere, as studies and observations have shown.